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Dynamic Duo Reign At Arnold Sports Festival

Brooklyn Center residents, Mark and Sarah Wurdeman, placed first and/or second in every event that they competed in during the Arnold Sports Festival 2018 held in Columbus, OH.

The international event hosted several hundred competitors in over 40 martial arts divisions. Mark and Sarah, students in Taekwondo (Korean Karate) and Haidong Gumdo (Korean sword) at White Tiger Martial Arts, headquartered in Fridley. Both are senior students and instructors there.

Mark placed first in all four divisions that he competed – Tang Soo Do forms, Traditional Taekwondo forms, Weapons and Target cutting. Sarah had the misfortune of competing against Mark in three of the four divisions and against black belt ladies in another. Sarah will test for her black belt in Taekwondo in May 2018.

White Tiger Martial Arts focuses on the personal development of each student and uses tournaments as a way to challenge knowledge/understanding plus provide an opportunity to spend time with like-minded martial artists.

For more information about where Mark and Sarah train, please check the website – Thank you.


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2017-2018 Beginning Taekwondo Classes (SLP Community Education)

The Pine Tree Taekwondo program will be available for anyone grade 3 and older starting September 18th! There are two sections for this class. 

Monday & Wednesday 7:00pm

Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm

These classes are offered in coordination with the school calendar. If there isn’t school that day, this class won’t meet. Please note that there are many “no class” days posted but it is inaccurate. The dates will be updated.

To see the class description and register, please follow this link –