While watching the NCAA Women’s Frozen Four championship game, A.J. Mleczko commented that the teams will be watching the line between how important the game is and how to keep doing everything they did to get there. She asked “How do you keep the mundane and not get sucked into the moment?”

There is 9 days left until the Dan testing at the Spring USA Haedong Kumdo Association seminar. Students testing to ranks of 2nd Dan to 5th Dan. The concept above greatly comes into play for this testing. Truly, all strong martial arts testing. The intent is to stress test the student to see how they respond. This is to give a starting point for continued training upon promotion. The problem is in how the student perceives what is happening. There in front of a Senior Dan test board and their family and their peers, what could go wrong? Ha! Everything.

It is often said in athletics that you play the way you practice. You are working hard to be excellent and mundane. This holds true in the martial arts! Testing is a chance for each student to demonstrate their skills. The ones that they do in every class. Class is the place to work on all the problems that arise. The problem solving skills that they develop there will be the difference. They will also be the difference in their daily lives.

Is your day mundane or do you get thrown when something changes your plans or expectations?

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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