Leading is a big subject throughout many industries. How do you provide direction and create success to allow growth of your company/business and the people joining you in the journey.

The key factor is that the leader needs to be proficient, if not have mastery, of the basics needed to create success. Without basics, there is not understanding of direction nor creation. The martial arts have this is physical technique. I often use the analogy that physical technique are the alphabet for martial arts. If you don’t know the alphabet, you can’t make words. Without words, you can’t make sentences/paragraphs and stories will never happen.

Teachers are responsible for creating ways for students to understand technique. This is the performance of and application of everything done. All basic techniques have skeletons that allow them to be recognized. The flesh, though, is what the student puts on it as they develop their version. The student, then, shows their understanding of the techniques as they perform their forms. One of my teachers regularly comments that there are three levels of demonstrating technique and forms. The highest level has the student performing in such a manner that those watching can “see” the bad guys within the form.

When teachers can present the techniques in such a manner that applications is there plus that variations exist. The same technique may fit several situations. If you

The video below is that of an improv dance with random partners. One leads, one follows. Note how much/little leading is done. Moving in the right direction doesn’t mean that every step needs to be controlled.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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