One of the biggest parts of martial arts training is the community that you become part of. They are the ones who understand an important part of your life. Humans are heard creatures and seek to create a place to belong. It is important to keep in mind that, while we won’t go into combat, fighting through life is still a great struggle. Learning the skills necessary to become successful in a variety of endeavors is an underlying concept of training.

The Tribe that becomes created helps ensure that the younglings participating learn how to use the skills and develop them further than those who taught them. Many well this connection during their training in regular class and, often more, during seminars. The few rare tribes carry the connection off the training floor and help build each other in daily life. Some of that can be seen at “after seminar” dinners. Many stories get told and deeper connections grown.

One of the better examples of the depth of connections are Hakas. The ceremonial dances in Māori culture have come widely known. They have been used at major sporting events but more importantly, at very personal events. There are a couple examples below. The power and intensity is strong! As I’ve been trying to write this, the only example that I’ve been able to find for our culture has been singing second after the Army-Navy football game. Don’t quote me and I may wrong, but that’s not the point. Enjoy the hakas!


Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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