I hope that you enjoyed What is Success, part 1 and part 2. This week examines the next two levels of the chart, which can be reviewed in part 1.


Quite often the phrase “Being comfortable in my own skin” is used when people actually recognize who they are…for themselves. Poise is where this fits. Once students understand their emotions and don’t allow those emotions to dictate behavior. The learning curve toward this emotional development is steep. Recognizing what are threats to your safety and well-being are the important ones to see but often insecurity allows you to create threats where none exist. Coach Wooden also commented that you should be focused on your character as it truly represents you, rather than be concerned about your reputation as that is what others think of you. This is not the same as confidence but contributes to it.

“Respect without fear” says it all. When you can offer to let others be themselves without judgement or disdain, you illustrate confidence. We are not always confident. Doubts from past failings or lack of knowledge can disrupt confidence. Training helps correct that as it provides a variety of situations (physical and non-physical) that you get to work through with others who are not actually trying to damage you. Your confidence grows as your training continues and discipline grows. Simple things like making sure that you have your house key, phone, wallet and school bag/briefcase with you when you leave the house develops discipline and confidence.


Yes, Coach Wooden told this to his players and won several national championships because of it, but he didn’t intend it to only be about basketball, sport competition. I think that, at least in our school, we’ve adopted “MUDO” to fit this role. I say this because Coach Wooden also had this included in his teachings.


Never accept “good enough” from your work (the things that represent you). The USA Haidong Gumdo Association Senior Chief Master Marshall Parnell is a Marine and regularly comes to train with us. He has given us two very well received ideas – “Embrace the Suck” and “Be a Champion for Humankind” – that completely fit this top thought of Coach Wooden’s chart.

This was part three of a four part series. So, until next time – Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel – tune in for more! Part four next week.

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Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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