Teen Titans: Winner Takes All (episode 22)

I got to watch this episode again while winding down for the evening. Yes, I’m still watching Saturday morning cartoons…on a Friday night.

RDF-Aug2013This was one of the episodes that struck as spot on in its presentation of competition. The desire to “win at all costs” is very prevalent today. The poor sportsmanship demonstrated during athletic events of all levels is regularly seen in the news. This is the lesson that Robin learns in the episode.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe that competition has benefits. Playing games can teach many life lessons, if they’re presented to the athletes. The teamwork that is developed, the understanding of sacrifice and commitment, the achievement of goals and several others can come from competition.

Most who know me have seen my personal boycott of professional athletics. I refuse to purchase or wear anything from a professional sporting team. To be paid large amounts of money to play a game, then spend time planning celebratory “dances” after doing their job is, in my opinion, poor sportsmanship…at the least. This doesn’t even discuss the whole public personality IS a role model issue.

I greatly enjoy watching sporting events. My favorite is watching those featuring the military academies. These superb athletes play the game for the love of the game. They’re days are not easy. An example: an Army football player is up at 7:00 am and finally in bed at Midnight after classes, practice and homework. When it comes to games, they play hard but recognize that it IS play. You’ll regularly see military academy football players pull the opposing player up after a tackle with a pat on the back before heading back to the huddle. They will also join the opposing team at game’s end to salute the fans.

Since there players know that they could be in combat with their lives on the line, they understand its just a game and enjoy playing it. No matter if it is football, baseball or a martial arts tournament, it is JUST A GAME. I had a person tell me in another discussion that “Winning is everything” but I didn’t get a reply when I asked who won when my father died.

Sorry if this truly rambled on.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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