It had been a while since I asked that in class last night. So long, in fact, that several students had forgotten the answer. Now, before you read further, when is your test?

I’ve always been a big proponent that actual “tests” are merely the opportunity to show off for family and friends. Yes, people can fail my tests because they didn’t perform as expected but that is rare. Where this becomes the problem is when people forget when their test really is.

Did I not tell you that yet? Sorry.

Part of the answer comes from being able to tell me why you train. What is it that makes you want to come to class over and over to work on the same techniques again and again to maybe have them help protect yourself should the ugly situation arise. Well, maybe learning the principles, concepts, strategies and tactics will benefit your life at home and work to encourage peace and enhance success but that’s only if you’re paying attention otherwise.

So why do you train? Oh yeah, when is your test?

Several martial artists that I respect answer the question about why they train with something simple…”Because I need to.” They understand that it encompasses all of the reasons that a marketing department will give but its beyond that AND beyond words. It’s something deep within them that chooses the challenge provided on the many levels that training provides.

These are the same students who understand that their test is EVERY time they step on the floor. They are the same students who spend hours in their own workouts outside of class to work on the same techniques again and again. They are the same students who are successful in every aspect of their lives.

So, your test is every time you come to class! Make sure that you’re prepared. Don’t waste your time or mine!

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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