I hope that you enjoyed What is Success, part 1 and part 2 and part 3. This week examines the last two portions of the chart, which can be reviewed in part 1.

These side panels of the chart refer to qualities (the mortar) rather than characteristics (the building blocks). These qualities, when recognized and expanded, are what makes each level’s characteristics easier to complete and develop.


Reads this direction (bottom » top) »»» 


««« Reads this direction (top « bottom)

As you follow the list up each side of these qualities, you can that the first group refers to the individual’s direct qualities. Ambition (for noble goals) is key quality that is most often missing from our fairy tales and legends, except for the hero(ine). The misguided ambition leads toward corruption and destruction. It is often these qualities shown here as to how the hero(ine) can complete their noble goals.

The qualities of adaptability and resourcefulness make me think of true understanding of the education (knowledge and training and skills) that have been received prior to the journey toward achieving the goals. This is often illustrated today in the amazing athletic feats displayed.

The martial art adage of “get knocked down 6 times, get back up 7” is listed here as “Fight”. The concept of “never give up” should be everyone’s mantra! The Faith that you will accomplish your goals is almost in integral part of Fight. I think it is also part of the matching quality on the other side. All too often Patience isn’t practiced with Fight and Faith. Probably because too many are set in reaching their goal how they expect to, which may not be the case.

The other side illustrates the qualities that can be seen as “for others” in their application. As with having a noble cause, the first one here (sincerity) can be illustrated in the hero(ine) having comrades to join in the quest. These qualities are the ones that draw people to you and make them willing to support your journey toward the goals that you’ve set. In fact, if you look past the fun story twists used in the series, the television show Once Upon A Time plays on all of these qualities and demonstrates how they challenge the characters and their relationships.

As I said in part 1, I truly believe that the parts of this Success chart follows the concept of “find one, find them all but lose one, lose them all”, which is probably the greatest struggle for all martial arts. The balance that is needed to be maintained can make it difficult but taking a breath and reviewing this chart (or similar) will get you back on track. It is THE journey of your life, not a destination.

Thank you for following the series. I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts!

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Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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