The path that Supreme Grand Master Ro, Byung Jick traveled to learn and train. His path was named Song Moo Kwan. Not many had gone before him. It is also the path that Sensei Ueshiba took.Pathway 1The path continued and grew as Grand Master Hyon, Jun Sun traveled along with Supreme Grand Master Ro. Nearby Sensei Ueshiba and Sensei Koichi Tohei traveled. There have been more traveling along this one.

Pathway 2

Many years later, the path has grown still as more travel it including Master Tom Sullivan, Grand Master Bill Miller and Master Vic Marotta. A few steps over are Kancho Mark Crapo, Sensei Richard Harnack

Pathway 3

The path that is today. Many have traveled it and many still are traveling it. I am in this group. Continuously developing the principles taught by those who walked the first path. This path has taken us further along than the first path could, though. The martial arts are living things that keep developing and adapting. For as much as many today would like, there is no way that they can walk that first path. This is not bad unless we lose the history and traditions that come from that first path.

Pathway 4

What happens to the path now? Those who are continuing the principles can still see the first path within the current path. Those who have lost the principles will widen the path and fall off the edge. Don’t think that you know all there is to know. The path is still very much longer than you can see.

This current path is not a bad thing. It is just different from the original path. Greater understanding and continued development have been necessary to keep up with the rest of the world changes. This new knowledge doesn’t make anyone better than those who walked earlier paths. Sadly, it often makes them worse as they forget what the principles are.

Where are you on the path?

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Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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One thought to “Walking the Path”

  • Rose Heisel

    Just recently I was working with some other sword people in another style of sword art and had the most amazing experience. Each art has unique techniques that are not always visible when you continually practice things one way or in one thought pattern. If people are on their path things run in front of you. New experiences, new philosophy and different body posturing while doing sword cutting. This training does give promise to understanding the simple truth that we know very little about what we train in. I recommend stepping out of your circle and train with other people who have things to share. Who are passionate about their art and willing share information. Then take a look at what you do and see how you could make your own art stronger. There is always much needed growth in your own martial art style. And there are always those secrets in your own art that still need to be discovered.

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