This fits something that was mentioned during our 2014 cuts. Martial artists and athletes give 100% during their training. Every workout is just as tiring and draining as the last. They train so hard that it always “seems” there is no progress.

Without the discipline of their art, they would miss the progress that they make. They see the 5 more kicks, strikes or sword cuts that come every few classes. This is were those seeking fitness can struggle. Their workouts never get easier, which is good, but their goals are too fixed. Adding pounds to a bench press maximum, cutting time from a distance run, dropping inches from [insert body part] or, the worst, trying to lose weight lead them to being fixed on the goal only. These structured goals can cause frustration when progress slows or stalls. This needs discipline to keep going.

Since fitness is only a portion of martial arts training, students should find other areas where the training benefits them and illustrates progress. Moving easier due to improved fitness will make daily chores less of a hassle. Development of focus and control will improve your success at work/school. Understanding conflict will help provide better service to clients/customers and the community (and make family life better).

The most important part is to TRAIN! Look at how it makes your world better, not only you. It is important that you take your training beyond yourself. Actively apply the principles, concepts and strategies that you learn to daily life.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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