The following is an excerpt from an email sent to me by a student. The topic being responded to is our first instructor’s training program that starts next week.

“The only rewards in teaching is your student achieving their goals well. Otherwise it’s the pits. If your going to teach Gumdo it is for the passion you have and how you connect with each person. You have to make yourself each students personal coach in some way. And when you do that you know how to run your class. You have to have stories to tell of your past experience so they don’t make your mistakes yet it gives you credibility. You have to show everyone that behind you is a bookful of ideas and skills you can share at the right time. You can not have the attitude of knowing it all because no one does. It’s a hard application to fill out and apply for. I find it was more of a calling than a desire. I can’t even explain why I do Gumdo or why I can not stop.”

There are several points in this. Those thinking about attending should have answered…”why do I train?” and “why do I want to teach?” What are your answers?

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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