This is a good article about being able to live life away from the company.

At the end, he asks what plans have been made for stepping away from your company. I’ve thought about that a few times.

As a security supervisor, my goal beyond having a quality staff who could handle everything was to be replaceable. I wanted to make sure that the client (in contract positions) or the corporate executives couldn’t tell that I was not there…even for a day.

I’ve tried to bring that same attitude into my martial arts school. The training format is known and those who actually have the interest learn it. Since our training is about doing the work to develop technique and deepen understanding, anyone…everyone… should be able to manage the class without me there. It should only be noticed that the voice is different when it come to the core material.

I’m still working…training…because I’ve got much more that I want to learn. I do look forward to the time when I am the teacher/student and not the “owner” any longer.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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