NowOrNeverYour development and education should never wait nor end! They are the only thing that will permit you to survive and benefit others. If you have been training with the likes of Kasey Keckeisen or Randy King, then you’ve already seen how quick bad things can happen. The need to develop skills and educate yourself to understand situations is important to your safety. These situations are not forgiving. While you are recovering from injuries and the trauma saying “I should have gotten training.” isn’t much comfort. I highly suggest that everyone who knows me reads Gavin De Becker’s book “The Gift of Fear”. It will open your eyes to stuff that happens everyday. It provides insights that you can apply to your life and safety. After reading it, find the guys I mentioned previously and train with them (or someone they suggest in your area).

Rules-EisteinThis post isn’t truly about learning to handle violent situations, though. Your goals and dreams will have few of those incidents, hopefully. The actual thought behind this post is more literal. If you have dreams and goals, then you MUST not wait to work on them. If these goals match your current job path, it provides a great opportunity to push ahead faster. Develop the skills that you will need and learn the the industry better. Once you learn these, you can use your own creativity and insights to make greater advancements within the industry. You will become a ground-breaker and innovator.

Lastly, in this world of technology, it is very easy to get lost in all that happens. The people around you are more important than the news feed on Facebook or Google+ or, even, this blog. Make use of the time you have with them! Life changes quickly and they could all be gone tomorrow. Show those around you what they mean to you.

Many reading this are martial artists. For many years you have read about living by the principles of the arts. I do think, unfortunately, that many don’t follow these teachings. They can repeat them verbatim but don’t practice them in their lives. Prior to the five Tenets of Taekwondo were the precepts that Song Moo Kwan founder, Byung Jick Ro taught to  his students.

Stop1. YehShi YehJong – Begin with Courtesy, End with Courtesy
2. SolSeon SooBeom – Lead by Example
3. Budahn NoRyeok – Never ending Efforts
4. Hasa Bulseong – Nothing is Impossible

All of these are things that show up in many teachings across many philosophical and religious topics. They and the similar versions from other martial arts are the hardest part to truly put into practice. Remember, only 10% of an art is the physical techniques. The other 90% is applying the principles, theories and concepts to everything that you do. Actively practice the principles to ensure that you will be the warrior that you believe yourself to be.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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