So, yesterday when I had a new officer start her first day of work, she asked me who she would notify if she had an emergency. Now, my first thought went to the procedure listed in our post orders. I didn’t think that was what she was asking though. She expanded upon her question with “you know…if there’s a family emergency or something with my daughter, who do I call?”

It struck me as an odd question. Of course she should call the office or Field Supervisor to make arrangements to leave but my thought process didn’t go there…for about two minutes (a relatively long time).

While those of you who know me would probably never call me a “company man”, my initial reaction to her question was more like…”why would you leave your post? You’re responsible for what happens there.” Its a concept that I hadn’t thought of considering. Probably because its hadn’t happened.

I don’t know if its the martial arts background…or the cold medicine that I had taken…but what had actually struck me was that her question put her family before her duty. Before you get mad at me, I do believe family is important and should be considered in this manner. I want to take this another direction though.

Security is a service industry to its core. In many instances, officers are responsible for millions of dollars worth of equipment/property or large numbers of people. They are in charge of everything from directing people to offices for appointment/meetings to operating the fire systems. The good security officers wouldn’t hesitate to put themselves in the line of fire to protect others. I think that this mainly comes from the person’s sense of duty & obligation. If this duty falls to them, then it’ll be managed/maintained completely. It’ll be done unselfishly and with little consideration for what happens to them.

As my brain started grinding down this path, it made me wonder how many others have the same attitude or follow the same concept? I do know of a handful within my circle that would belong to this group. they spend many more hours fulfilling their responsibilities than what they are getting paid for. Nothing is making them act this way. Its their sense of duty making them continue through to the end.

Sadly, the majority of these people work in departments that don’t generate any revenue for the company. Security and I.T./I.S. are two illustrations. These departments spend a lot of time making sure the company runs well but gets little recognition since they don’t make any money for the company.

I thank those who work out of duty and hope to see you all rewarded properly soon. Everyone else, ask yourself why you work. In the end, if we’re all not working to serve each other none of us will have anything. Maybe some of those politicians will remember that they’re supposed to be serving us, too.

So, this entry did ramble quite a bit. Sorry.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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