I had a quick conversation with a student today when he saw that a local Taekwondo school also listed teaching Gumdo. He asked “How can they do that?” He meant just saying they teach a program without showing any credentials. All I said was that is was “business”. His next comment surprised me a bit. He said that, to him, it seems that so much of it is about the trophy. Sadly, I agreed.

That conversation made me wonder if the problem with the educational system here is that we don’t offer big enough trophies for academics. Since it can appear that so much of the focus is about how many you have, rather than how well/much you know, we may be able to turn the graduation rates around by offering Grand Champion size trophies to each student who graduates with Divisional size 1st place trophies for passing each grade. They can’t be medals, though. Only the Olympics can have valuable medals.

Yes, that was a bit saractic. Forgive me. I do think that people who learn for the sake of learning and supporting others should get bigger rewards than someone in a competition. I don’t really think LIFE is a competition. Its about how much you can learn and help others while you’re around.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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