As part of Taekwondo drills last night, students gained some insight on the performance of techniques.

I joined the class in technique drills. Many students found that they were doing the drill differently. This should have caused a bit of additional study on their part. Students recognized the speed difference from my techniques to theirs. Many picked up the pace to keep up. This is a portion of what I was hoping to see. That is seeing the students work harder.

One of the comments that I made may have been misinterpreted. I mentioned that the lack of a “kihap” (yell) would make an obvious quiet spot in the class. This could be due to not keeping up. A student commented to me afterward and asked if it was “more important to keep up or do technique correctly?”

I have always said that technique MUST be performed correctly above anything else. Techniques should be done as “big” as necessary to understand them, develop the proper coordination and learn their application.

“Advanced techniques are basic techniques made simpler.” Once the student develops the basic version of the technique, it should become simpler (easier to do). In most cases this happens automatically BUT the piece that gets lost is maintaining the effectiveness.

Better coordination and technique should also create improved power and speed. You MUST increase the power and speed of your technique to continue to challenge yourself and gain better application of your techniques.

So, the answer to the student’s question is “do technique correctly but always work on improving them in movement/coordination, speed and power.”

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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