This past weekend Haidong Gumdo – Minnesota did some demonstrations out at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. We did three demos on each Saturday and Sunday. They were in the middle of an open field with temperatures above 85 degrees. It could have easily been a lot more work than fun.

I have always been impressed by my students and strive to keep up with them. While I was appreciating the fact that so many had chosen the participate, I recalled the comment Sabumnim Parnell made during his seminar. “Mudo spirit”.

The spirit of Mudo (martial way) is what got us all there. Its the thing that makes us put on heavy doboks (uniforms) in dark colors and do three 1 hour demos in 85 degree weather for two days in a row. All of us could have taken the easy way out and just attended the Festival…or better, stayed at home in the air conditioning watching television with chips and beer.

The challenge of working toward our personal enrichment by putting ourselves on display shows the spirit of each of those students. I do know that several others would have been there if other demands hadn’t interfered. I hope that I can continue to develop my Mudo Spirit. I don’t think it’ll be difficult with the students that I have.

To my students, I thank you.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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  • Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner

    Love this. I'm really missing class…am hoping to be back next week or the following. It helps keep me grounded.

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