Over the past month or so, I’ve realized that my training journal has been sadly lacking entries. I’ve decided to work on it here because I can regularly get onto the blog to write something. Sorry, but you’ll be subjected to my additional ramblings…which I hope to gain deeper insights into my thoughts by getting your input.

The preface leads to making sure that I write down the information that Master Kim, Jeong Woo gave the USA team during a morning workout at the World Championships. His lesson was…
1) Sword draws are done in ONE motion, not two. He was referring to how people draw the sword then “wind up” to do the cut associated with the draw.
2) Cuts are done from ABOVE your head. If your hands are not higher than your head, the cut is incorrect. This would mean that looking “over” your elbow doesn’t create the proper cut line.
3) The EYES turn first. You must see the target that you are moving toward. If you can’t see it, you can’t cut it. I believe that after the eyes move, the hips drive the technique (whether Haidong Gumdo or Taekwondo).
4) Your back stays straight when you move. He was referring to your shoulders staying over your hips. Too many attempt to make the stance or posture lower by bending at the waist and leaning forward. This is a Taekwondo thing too…don’t lead with you face!

Master Kim, Jeong Woo also taught the Overseas Team during a group training session. He re-enforced the basics through emphasizing stance, breathe & focus. If you stance is correct and you breathe properly, you can develop greater focus. If the stance or breath is lacking, so will your focus. I’m thinking that this also lends itself to the thought that martial arts training should be “moving meditation”.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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