“Success is not a destination. Success is faithfulness to the process.”
– Visioneering by Andy Stanley

Success is faithfulness to the process
Training is the process
Success equals training

IMG_20141227_201303865I’ve heard, over my 35 years of training in the martial arts (even across the different arts that I’m dedicated to), that the student needs to trust the process of their training. After all, these systems have been around for a long time and have proven their quality.

Now, some of these concepts and techniques, even weaponry, may not completely fit into Today’s world. I don’t see many of us regularly carrying swords or shields and spears today. This is where the teacher today must correlate their art/system to the student. While it was never cool to get the “because I say so” answer to questions but back in a more combative day, it was probably wise to go with it. Better answers are needed today. Teachers that cannot provide relative insights to their students won’t have students for long. One of my Haidong Gumdo dojang’s favorites comes from a seminar lead by the U.S.A. Senior chief Master Marshall Parnell. He stated that his job wasn’t to help develop our straight cuts anymore but, rather, to help us drive our cars better. I see this as completely a version of “faithfulness to the process.”

The constant development of concepts and theories are what maintains the relevance in Today’s world. The method of transmitting the information may be similar to days of old. Marching in stances, performing blocks, strikes and kicks, practicing hyungs/kata/forms are all ways to develop through the process. Taking the hyungs and developing the applications within it (no, they are not choreographed fights against a multitude of bad guys) becomes how they fit then, and today. Learning the way to apply techniques for physical protection is very important but learning the principles/concepts/strategies/theories behind them is even more important.

All of this is contained in the basics of the art and system. The basis for developing all of the personal protection techniques that worked decades ago are still within the basic techniques of your art. The movement themselves may not appear to be anything more but that is where you need to develop your understanding. As you see deeper into the techniques, you should also start seeing deeper into their application in daily life.

Follow and develop the basics and you will have the process that leads to success.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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  • Brian Martin

    Agree 100%. The way is in the training.

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