DSC_0438-1Well, that is to say that the martial arts principles and strategies can be applied to everything in daily life as a way to solve problems easier and create greater success. Most people do many of these things already but haven’t recognized it. Through martial arts training or (non-physical) coaching these principles an be explained and studied to provide greater depth of understanding. Once there are words to describe the actions, knowledge grows quickly.

The thing is that this goes beyond the obvious benefits. Confidence, discipline and esteem are the main selling points for all martial arts schools. What they fail to point out is that all of these are developed in EVERYTHING that you develop toward a goal. This starts with getting up and prepared to go to school, then to your job and being punctual for everything that you do. That is discipline. It is also the start of building esteem (respect in self) and confidence. That you get things done through your knowledge and skill.

The unfortunate part is that esteem and confidence often get lost in “winning” and develop into other things that aren’t beneficial. When the focus is on winning, another part that is taught from childhood is lost. The whole concept of respect starts when you are young and should continue as you grow. There will always be someone better than you! That isn’t a failing. Acting out because someone has surpassed you doesn’t show respect. If you are working to be the best that you can be, then you are helping others build themselves into better people as well.

But, getting back to the topic, leads us to focus. Working on something until it is complete. This sometimes means that it is only complete “for now” as more needs to be done but it must wait for other factors to take effect. Completing the task or goal helps build esteem and confidence further PLUS it builds knowledge.

IMG_20141227_201303865Knowledge, whether gained from experience or learned through academics, is very important. Not only to your life in this world but to those around you and, specifically, your children. I’ve always presented my position as a martial arts teacher as it is my job to get you to where I am faster and easier than what I had because I know where many of the pitfalls and stumbling blocks are.

Sure, it will be good to learn things that can keep you safe in the world but is that it? You are willing to tell me that you train in a martial art purely for the physical techniques that you may one day need? I don’t think so.

What I really think you are there for is to practice techniques that may protect you one day by setting goals, gaining in confidence and esteem upon reaching those goals, giving and earning respect from peers with similar knowledge and continuing to develop your knowledge to further use it in your career and daily life. Well, that’s my thought anyway. Leave a comment and let me know how close I am.

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Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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