“If serving is below you, then leadership is beyond you.” – Unknown
which leads to…


The problem is that people tend to see “serving” only in terms of commercial roles such as sales, food service and customer service. They also view public service as unworthy and not profitable. Personally, all of the public service provided by our law enforcement, fire fighters and other EMS personnel are greatly appreciated.

When you listen to many of the personal coaches and speakers, they tell you to follow your passion but is that a truly profitable venture? In fact, how many artists and musicians…even martial artists…have day jobs so they can continue their passion and be true to themselves in how they pursue their passion? Most of the really good martial artists that I know don’t have full time schools and many of the more commercial locations have lost touch with their students from chasing the money. Yes, I do know a handful who are commercially successful AND still teaching, at least what I consider, properly.

The key factor here applies to academic teachers as well. They teach…serve…because it is part of them. They grow personally as they learn from their peers and students. They also set the example of how to lead. Their efforts show what passion can do in a life plus provide the skills and support to help other find their way.

How do you plan to serve and help others? There are many ways including some that don’t directly feel or look like serving. Just remember, that all of those who you help will teach you something also. That will provide the additional skills and knowledge to ensure that you are successful in the World!

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Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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3 thoughts to “Is Leadership Beyond You?

  • daharkins1

    I really enjoyed this and it is so true. I try to live by serving others and through martial arts and positive thinking.

  • Bruce Burns

    I agree with this!
    If I succeed at a teacher, it will be in the greatness of the art in my students, not my own.

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