ArchAngelWeapons“Be equipped, be prepared, be ready
I despise MacGyver. He inspired a whole generation of people to believe there was something noble about choosing to be poorly equipped. If you refuse to carry the equipment to do the job, you aren’t a hero. You are an idiot who is willing to sacrifice innocent people (and yourself) for ego. For image.

Not just equipment. Survival and effectiveness works in a matrix of skill, tools and will. Have the right equipment, but a closet full of high-end toys means jack shit if you don’t know how to use them. And the best equipment in the world combined with the best training available also means squat if you don’t have the will to access them under pressure.

Acquire the right equipment. Get the best training you can find. But forge and test your will.”
How many times do you see similar situations in daily life? Things as simple as getting the “check engine” light or the rattle on your car checked out, not to mention checking the oil and other fluids. Maybe the weatherization of the house and checking the furnace filters. Then there are important parts like life insurance and a will.

I had read the article listed above the morning after a conversation with a youngling. He was talking about what he wanted to do when he grew up. His plan was to learn everything he could from his Grandfather and continue that work. When I mentioned that it may not work that way due to both of their ages, he replied “Shush, if you don’t say anything, it’ll be fine.” I chuckled but couldn’t help but feel that he mostly meant it.

Suspicionless-sheep-wolfTo not prepare is a failure. The things that need to be done are just that. They NEED to be done. The lack of action is an intentional act. There can be many reasons, including internal narratives, that affect accomplishing tasks. Acceptance becomes the prime trait, then the other skills developed through discipline, focus and control can be applied to finish the task. The decision to remain an ostrich with your head buried or a sheep following the flock prevents you from learning safety and creating success.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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