I’ve had discussions about life over the past few years with people close to me and this phrase has come from them. It may seem as this is only a variation of To Take No Action Is An Action but it’s not. This one ties more closely to the question – How many times should you be asked to do something? I ask the youngling students in class this question occasionally. Mostly when they start horsing around during class instead of working on their assignments. The proper answer to this question is “Once.” Since these younglings know the answer, any non-compliance at home shouldn’t be tolerated either. Which brings us to “nothing changes.”

pain_of_stuckIt is said that without change, everything dies. It may be a bit generalized but I’ll agree with it. There are also a lot of things that cause the fear of change. Mostly things made up in our own minds. The “what if’s” that come to mess up life.

The problem is…how many times are you going to keep doing same thing? If you don’t change the decision, the action, the direction then you only ever get the same result. I guess that this title phrase appears to be taking “no action” but it is actually an intentional decision.

It provides the opportunity to complain about problems without offering ideas to solve them. “Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.” – Theodore Roosevelt. This intentional decision keeps you right where you are. It allows frustration to build and pain to continue.

When a decision is made but not acted upon because it is change, it becomes the frustration and pain. The continuing refusal to change, then, adds layers upon layers that re-enforce NOT changing. This has a varying degree of application. It can be as simple as never ordering anything different from a restaurant to as complicated as leaving an abusive situation.

quote-the-secret-of-change-is-to-focus-all-of-your-energy-not-on-fighting-the-old-but-on-building-socrates-66-71-86The decision making can seem stressful and can lead to making the change feel even more stressful. Even when reason points out all the benefits of making the change, people resist. It is frequently the end result of the decision making process that a feeling of lightness comes. The weight has been lifted and you can move forward!

Now, I’ve intended this post to be about general life decisions and making thing grow in your world. The applications were taken straight from the personal protection principles. If you didn’t recognize which principles, have more conversations over coffee or such and learn beyond the physical technique!

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Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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