So, there is a lot of talking that happens during a martial arts class. Presenting new material and knowledge plus re-enforcing concepts and principles with a little fun mixed in. Mostly, these are necessary for the transmission of expectations. Good positive interactions. We won’t even mention how much talking happens during socializing events!

Here’s where the interesting part happens, though. This post comes after a conversation with a student. This student has been outstanding in training and effort but thought that I didn’t like them. Now bear in mind that this conversation is happening after they’ve been in class for 10 years. YES! The thought that I didn’t like them couldn’t be truly accurate, otherwise they would have never continued this long. I could understand how the feeling could arise. In fact, I try to comment on this regularly in classes.

It may seem a bit backward, but if you’re doing well and training correctly then I won’t talk to you much. I’ll offer to answer questions and check up on you a bit but, otherwise, I’ll leave you to train. After all, that’s why you’re here. The less that I talk to you, the better you’re doing.

This gives me more opportunity to work with new and struggling students to teach material. These are the students who need the talking to. Getting more feedback on how to improve or understand material is important. I feel this is an important aspect of martial arts training as it should be about YOUR training. You must spend the time working and developing the material. You must come to understand what it means to you. You must understand how to best perform material based on your knowledge of your body. Too much talking can just make it harder.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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