This past weekend during some after class socializing with students, I had a revelation that is LONG overdue.

We were discussing anotehr martial arts teacher and his “life”. The schedule he keeps having a “day job” and teaching 5 days per week. The comment on his life was “He doesn’t have a life.” and one of the students, who train with him also, replied “Maybe its the life he wants.”

Now, that’s when the freight train appeared and I was standing on the tracks.

Over the past decade or so, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out why I haven’t acheived certain things in my life and how do I become successful. Hearing “the life that he wants” made me realize that, basically, that’s the way I’ve been living without recognizing it.

I’ve had enough feelings of indequacy and failure for my lifetime. Getting caught up in the ideas of a bigger salary, a better job title and more aknowledgement of my skills lead me to spend too much time doing unimportant activities.

Now, I have figured out that what I have and what I’m doing is what I wanted. I’m paying the bills. I’m learning more about topics that I’m interested. I have great family and friends. I suppose the only glitch in it all is the time driving from place to place. The daily schedule is such that it often feels rushed and too short. I can deal with that, though.

It’ll be a bit of a struggle to change my mindset but I’ll get there. Are you living the way you want?

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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One thought to “How goes Life”

  • RSvP

    What I try to remind myself is that Musashi lived in a cave and didn't shower. If I can pay my bills and improve my martial arts, I'm doing OK.

    Ikigai. If it's your motivator than everything you do toward it is a good thing.

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