How much praise do you need? Are you willing to train without hearing compliments? Can you spend hours, even years, developing your technique and increasing you understanding?

My old school training says:
1) teach technique
2) encourage development and continued training
3) explain application once understanding has started
4) encourage more training
5) teach more technique

The “encourage” portion usually consists of “Good job, keep going.” or “You’re on the right track.” How much more is needed? Should everything receive grand recognition?

I had a student say that they had felt ignored in class. I apologized and restated a long standing concept in my classes. It goes…the less I talk to you, the better you’re doing. If I spend time talking to you, it’s because we are working through struggles and sticking spots. If I’m not talking to you, you have started to figure things out and we’ll talk when the next section is taught.

My perception of training has always been that the student has chosen to do the work, so they MUST do the work. My job is to present the material and provide methods for them to excel (plus get past obvious stumbling blocks). It is their choice to attend, it must be their choice to do the work.

So, to all my students, keep in mind that you are not being ignored. You ARE on the right track. That is…unless I’ve talked to you and the same problems remain after several discussions. In this case, its either that you need to spend more time training or you aren’t listening to the instruction.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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