Starting back in 2005, I have been learning and teaching the Korean sword. This has been an incredible opportunity for me to continue to develop as a martial artist and a teacher. Something that sets my teaching apart from others is the dedication to the lifelong students. It has been a great pleasure to have students train for an average of 10 years. Many longer than that. We don’t have a lot of trophies to present but we have a great amount of life applications in career and relationships…things that happen every day.

With this direction, our student base is also a bit older. Over 75% of the students are at least 25. The younglings that train are able to keep up intellectually and physically with adults. The older student base has given me the chance to create better methods of teaching material. With students like Russell and Mel (videos below), all of the athleticism is kept and taken advantage of. The knowledge depth of biomechanics and applications are included.

Having many students 40+ is where the teaching methods get adapted to permit correct function and application. Long ago, Indiana Jones stated “It’s not he age, it’s the mileage.” He is SO correct! Health issues including joint replacements can make people slow down and even stop doing what they enjoy. The “Students Over 59” video (bottom) has a 64 year old. a 67 year old, and a 79 year old. Hip and knee replacements among them (plus those of mine) have provided insights into how to move better and train hard. We need to make sure that we can keep up with the younglings!

I am interested in helping others develop. Weekend seminar and workshops are available. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting training! A contact form is after the videos.

Russell – Jangbaek 4

Mel – Yedo 2 & 3

Students over 59


Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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