Have you ever told yourself or another something like “That was good enough.” How about all of the kids sports that don’t have winners any more? Maybe all of the activities and events where everyone gets an award? Have you ever thought that we were letting them off the hook for not becoming excellent?

We spend much of our life pursuing goals such as a successful career but we spend very little time working to become excellent at what we do. We work very hard to achieve things but does a promotion at work mean that you’ve achieved excellence?

It is important that we work toward excellence through challenging our spirit, mind and body. Developing courage and striving for correctness comes through training and pushing ourselves beyond the limits that we thought we had.
Let’s not forget that chasing perfection will hinder us just as much.
“Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything.” – Eugene Delacroix, French Romantic painter (1798 – 1863)

Through seeking perfection, you will more likely miss the meanings and applications of the knowledge that you gained.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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