In reading Randy King‘s book, Selling Out To Your Level of Comfort, the section about setting goals started me thinking about many different things. One of these is how I look forward.

I say this because I have found that when I want to get something done, I jump into the deep end and try to figure it out. This started with stuff as simple as making a website. I knew nothing about html, css, or java. I found a program that I could understand and learned how to make it work. When I got stuck, I asked for help (thank you, Adam Tagarro). He’d send over script that would do what I want and tell me where to put it on the page. Then, I’d start playing with the script to see if I could make it do similar things for the website.

When I know that the end results will help me move toward what I want to achieve, then I’m willing to get things started…even if it gets assigned to someone else later. It isn’t about ego and resume. It is about achieving the goal. I will always work hard to get things done.

Which brings me back to the idea of setting goals. If you look in most self help/personal development books, you will find a section about setting goals as a way to become successful and take you into the future.

This is an important issue. It may not be that you NEED to list specific goals BUT you do need to have some idea of where you want to go! One specific goal with several levels/achievements along the way can work too. Does this sound a bit familiar? Several of you reading this have followed this each time you’ve done a rank promotion test. I know…well, have a good idea, of what I want to do but I don’t have a clear vision of how I’m going to get there. I can live with that.

I have many wonderful and capable students who will continue the journey, so what I’m really wondering about is how to get the ideas I have in my head moved forward enough for others to continue them. If you aren’t sure what ideas I have, you should ask me! You might be the key to make things move forward…or at least the next step!

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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