***The following was found on Craig’s List (Minneapolis) under “lessons”***
Martial Artists Have Blackbelt and still losing fights? (Metro)
Look most schools are only teaching you bits at at time so they can make more more money. Or you are studying a exotic martial art that does not work
in real life because real fights never go down like they do in school do they?Or are you studying weapons that will get you a 10 year sentence if ever used, I mean who carries nun chucks or staffs around? Kick boxing is easy and effective,I mix real boxing techniques with Kenpo and Muay Thai kicking with 15 to 20 combination’s per set and teach you to fight on both sides for 5 minute rounds. You will be a way more effective fighter within 2 weeks . I have taken students with no experience whatsoever and turned them into great fighters. by having you kick and strike small focus mitts to improve accuracy, timing and strength. I have achieved black belts in many styles but always found in real fights you always revert back to kicking and punching, you wont remember how to fight like a mantis or a crane because in real fights you have no time to react. Are you kicking x ray papers and kicking in the air? Doing boring form that has no bearing in the real world whatsoever? Taking Akido but find it works only when the other guy is working with you? MMa ers improve your striking game by learning to fight on both sides and do change up kicking and use multiple angles of attack instead of just in and out or fighting south paw or regular stance. I train privately in your home and ask for only 25 per class, pay by the class or 3 sessions at a time . I will chisel you abs harden your knuckles and give you the gas you need to sustain a real altercation. Great for kids and adults and lots of fun.. Women do exceptionally well and have trained many ladies, my top student is female and awesome
Call 651-407-XXXX lv msg after the beep

Okay, I “x”‘d out the end of the phone number but if you really think this person is on the right track, feel free to look it up on Craig’s List.

Personally, I’m curious about a couple things.
1. Who trained this person and how long have they been training?
2. How did they learn to “fight”?
3. Do they really know anything about the martial arts they referred to? (it would help if they spelled things correctly — Aikido, not Akido)
4. If they are this good, why not use their name? Shouldn’t they have some notoriety?
Lastly, do they get into “fights” often to need to train for them? Self defense is greatly different from “fighting”.

In my opinion, if you’re looking for quality self defense, you need to search out quality…not bragging. If you ever get the chance to chat with Ms. Lise Steenerson or Mr. Roman Postle, you will get a true idea of what training truly is and how to make it work for self defense. My hope is to have half of the quality they do.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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  • Scott

    I'm more concerned with the fact that the guy is going to give you gas. Sure, it could repel attackers, but do you really want to tell that story?

    Yes, I'm immature.

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