I finally got the chance to watch the movie Dr. Strange. I liked it and found this piece of dialog interesting.

Dr. Stephen Strange: How do I get from here to there?
The Ancient One: How did you get to reattach severed nerves and put a human spine back together bone by bone?
Dr. Stephen Strange: Study and practice. Years of it.

It is really easy to forget the work necessary to achieve great things when you see it on the news or in a movie. Neither of these sources provide the “real” story behind the achievement. The two minute feel good news story may use words to mention all the work but the video never matches it. A movie has SO much “skip to the end” in order to play out the story, that it provides little, if any, acknowledgement of previous learning and training.

The incredible amount of time it would actually take to achieve the capabilities to become the superhero. You can read about what Batman’s training routine would be like. Keep in mind this was only his physical training. There isn’t any mention of all the academics that he has done.

The constant challenges. The never-ending training. The required discipline and focus. The self doubt and questioning. The frustration and plateaus. By the way, have you noticed that Superheros are the ones who get the recognition for their efforts? All those regular people who put themselves in the middle of danger to help others seem to get protested more than praised. Which makes all the work to get past your ego and insecurity even more difficult! Can anyone become a Superhero?

No, no one can become a Superhero. This is because they are fiction! I do think anyone willing to do all the work necessary will become a Hero, though. real life Heroes are more important than fictional ones. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with real Heroes. Those who make lives better trough their knowledge and support. Some are mentors and some have become true friends. They are real heroes as they have all worked hard and sacrificed to gain knowledge and serve others. You can never practice and study…and train enough, if you plan to be a hero!

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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