I’ve seen each several times and have always thought that they were very good points made about martial arts training, but…there is a really LONG distance between these statements!

The distance between these is based upon how the technique is done each time. Now, I’ve seen it more often with forms practice. Students will do their form over and over without looking at the correctness of the techniques.

Being an old dumb jock, the thought came to mind that students repeating their forms/techniques as mentioned above are the same as doing a 100 problem math assignment but all the problems are “1+1=?”. You get good at repeating something but you are not improving your math skills.

Students should think about why they are training. If the answer allows for just repetition, then they may not be interested in being a martial artist. This is where students should start to see where “doing” converts to “becoming”!


Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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