Last week I commented on there not being an “Off” season when it come to martial arts training. This needs to be considered in regards to being continually vigilant and prepared to protect yourself  and others. This can seem like a tough duty…and it is. Those who truly are preparing themselves for this role don’t view it as anything but life, though. They wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Yes, other interests are there but they only compliment what the martial artist is already doing. Training hard for unseen situations creates the family and brotherhood that makes all within the group prepared and successful.

MasterJose-RDF-SCFAt times, it can almost be forgotten that the training may save your life or someone else’s. The opportunity to push your limits, challenge yourself physically and mentally and help others brings great joy and happiness.

Learning from others within the group give a greater perspective on, not only, techniques but life. Hearing about the struggles and challenges that others have/had help build stronger connections with them plus may bridge to similarities in your life and help you get past a challenge.

My students come from a wide range of occupations. There is a DNR Botanist, a computer coding/applications engineer, an software developer for online education, a graduate student in Physics, a gunsmith/armorer, a business development consultant and a mechanical engineering student. This doesn’t mention the variety from our affiliated schools.

In the end, we all come to train because it is our life. It is in everything that we do everyday. It helps give us a structure to be respectful and honorable to face the challenges that life has for us. It gives us the strength and courage to support others even as we fight through our own challenges and struggles.


Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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One thought to “…but it is our life!”

  • David Duchene

    I agree to all the above. I view my martial arts training as the central personal activity outside my family, yet that which allows my family activities to be better. It also supports all of my ‘other outside activities’. It assists with the mental and physical aspect of my target shooting, the flexibility and conditioning for kayaking, the mental challenges that keep my mind sharp as I get older, the awareness of when my family needs help and won’t ask for it, and even the flexibility I need to get the Christmas stuff out of the crawl space. Without the central activity of martial arts training, each of the other parts of my life would be lessened. Perhaps more central to my personal Being, it keeps me fit enough to deal with the stress in a productive way as compared to letting the stress negatively effect those around me.

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