I chatted with the television reporter, recently, who did a story on Krav Maga. I asked her what it was about the art that made it worthy of a story. The answer that I got was that it isn’t a martial art, its realistic self defense. She said that during her research, no other martial art could claim to be such an effective system for self defense.

So, now this baffled me. She elaborated… the people she talked to (who have switched from other arts) kept saying that they had to re-learn everything because all they ever got taught was sport stuff. They didn’t believe they were taught anything that would be effective for self defense.

I looked at the reporter and said that all martial arts are effective self defense. Her response was one of those “I don’t know, that’s just what I was told” kind of things. I added that all the arts that I know of would utilize the same type of techniques for self defense as Krav Maga but maintain the formality and structure to develop other aspects of the student. Her response was that they’ve already shown a self defense piece and wanted to know what else could be presented.

Many know of my dislike for the way the martial arts has become an “industry” and, too often, runs “business” only to make money. Now, if you only believe that you are learning “sport” martial arts, I challenge you to find out what your instructor/organization really can do beyond the sport. If you still don’t feel that you’re getting what you need, find a teacher who can.

Personally, I don’t believe Krav Maga is the only system that teaches self defense and there has to be more than just technique to make an art effective.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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