While not truly a revelation last night, but its fun when the words come around to help explain things better. This one involves connecting the basics to your poomsae/gumbub (forms).

During a class being covered by a Black belt (because I was in South Korea), the extra comments made during a drill were something like “This stance & cut are in Ee bon.” and “This one is almost like Chil bon.” Upon return, I heard from students about their almost surprise in finding the connection from basics to performance/application.

It was at this point when the words came to me in an attempt to provide some deeper insight. Mathematics was the subject where the idea came from. In elementary school, you start by learning addition & subtraction before moving on the multiplication and division. Later, high school brings algebra…and further for those with THAT kind of brain.

When you look at the progression of learning math, you never stop doing the basics (addition & subtraction) even when you deal with formulas that include variables. The advanced math could also illustrate how to apply basics in more creative ways to solve problems. This is no different than training on forms.

So, do the basics bore you? Then you haven’t developed enough knowledge about them yet. Keep practicing the basics!

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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