I usually change “alone” to “by yourself” but for simplicity I’ll use “alone” here. If you can’t enjoy your own time to work on your goals/plans or do nothing, then you will never be able to truly help others.


Since all of the dreams, goals and desires come from within you, you MUST be able to spend time alone to work them. The time that you spend alone gives your mind the chance to work through the details and begin to see the path that they will take you on.

My Song Moo Kwan lineage continues one of the founder’s principles yet today. Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro taught “nothing is impossible” (Ha Sa Bul Sung) as part of the principles that create success. This is presented during training, where YOU are the one doing the work and putting in the effort. This principle is to remind you that YOU are the reason you have success.

All of the things that you wish to accomplish are within you! They can be aided by others but you MUST do the work. The support systems that you develop help fill in the blanks in your plans and patch cracked sections, but they are not the energy and power that will make any plan a success.

I will admit that it is truly wonderful to find others with similar dreams and desires. These people help provide some insights and details that may be missing from your plan as they’ve lived through other different experiences than you have. These are the people who become true family.

Now, the flip side of working toward your dreams & goals is taking the appropriate time away from them and the other duties in daily life. Sleep is one of the biggest ways that we do this today. Sleeping is, for some, the only time they spend alone away from everything. Even when we say that we’re taking a break, many still answer emails or check Facebook.

The chemical based depression aside, I know a few people who become depressed when alone. Their fears become larger and take control. They hide within chemicals (drugs, alcohol) to ensure these fears don’t rise too high.


If a goal of training in the martial arts is to develop courage, then it should be applied to every part of your life. Your alone time is the perfect place to work through your fears and to develop the bravery that will allow you to serve others struggling through similar fears. There is so much within the realm of physical personal protection strategies and tactics that fit into personal development as well. The internal struggles can warrant responses nearly as great as the external attacks.


Train physically to help develop mentally to fight the evils outside and inside. Your alone time is where you will set those skills as they apply to all of your dreams & goals. Don’t hesitate, don’t delay, train hard and long! Consider your alone time as part of your training…to help keep you from the insanity.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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