Are you tired of being where you are? Has it started to hurt?  You know, in all those parts of your life that you thought would be better by now or in those places where you thought you’d already earned your place. Here’s a secret…nothing is ever finished. People don’t usually consider that the jobs and careers that they have decided to enter are not static things. All industries change, hopefully grow and not disappear, to keep up with demand and technology. This IS life. Things that don’t change, DIE.quote-the-secret-of-change-is-to-focus-all-of-your-energy-not-on-fighting-the-old-but-on-building-socrates-66-71-86




There are many analogies and stories to help remind you that life is change. One popular right now is reminding us that failure is not an end but a learning tool. If you don’t make mistakes and have failures, you never truly know what you’ve learned and what was helped by timing and natural ability. Once those don’t help anymore, many don’t have the skills to do the actual work needed to create the change that leads to their idea of success.

I would wager that, if you took a moment now, you could find 5 – 10 things that have changed in your job/career/industry within the past six months. A new app that makes you less necessary, an app that lets you do your job better, hardware improvements to do your job better, or a new strategy for selling/growing. They may not be big things but they are there.

All of this change may have made you rethink why you want your life to go that direction. You may be thinking about a career change or returning for more education or following your own desires. That is may be the scariest of all changes. Finding your Ikigai will definitely challenge your knowledge, your skills and your heart.

Don’t waste more time waiting to see what will change for you. Go make the changes and use the gains in knowledge and skill to more easily search for your meaning of life!

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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