My 7th Dan Test panel =

8th Dan Grand Master James S. Cahn (Cleveland Taekwondo Martial Arts),  8th Dan Grand Master Roy Bushman, 10th Dan Supreme Grand Master Joon Pyo Choi (Columbus OMAC & World Song Moo Kwan United leader), 9th Dan Grand Master Young Pyo Choi (OMAC Indiana); 8th Dan Grand Master Kwang Ho Kim (OMAC Columbus), 9th Dan Grand Master Ron Coleman.

Having a true 10th Dan and 2 9th Dans plus 3 8th Dans as my promotion board is makes the test even more memorable!

Thank you! It was a wonderful weekend with the 42nd Battle of Columbus and the first World Song Moo Kwan United Summit! A lot of work done and a lot of history learned!

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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  • Aaron

    It is an honor to train and be taught by you.

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