Robert FrankovichIf you wish to read the original LinkedIn article, follow the link here – 21 Things People With Confidence Embrace – but the list is below with some commentary about the martial arts affect and/or viewpoint.

1. They don’t walk like they own the world. They walk like they don’t care who does.
2. They wear their confidence by embracing it with humbleness.

Martial artists understand the importance of serving the greater whole. The training and practicing develop the skills necessary to benefit the community. They also understand how little they know and strive to continue adding to their knowledge.

3. They are never the chess piece. They are the chess player, always one step ahead.

Through studying physical skills to know how things happen and history to know how things happened, the martial artist sees the whole game. They are not blinded by pop culture and politics.

4. They don’t make excuses for themselves. They make actions speak for them.

The martial artist follows the rule “get knocked down seven times, get up eight” to make sure that he can “walk the talk”.

5. They don’t understand fear. Those thoughts simply don’t enter their reality.

This probably isn’t true. I bet that they know fear and have spent the time to understand what affect it can have. Serious martial artists (and other operatives) know that there is always a flinch or glitch in their actions. Whether from fear or other factor, they train to reduce/eliminate the glitch for greater success.

6. They don’t mind discomfort or sacrifice.

The hours of serious, hard training over many years have lead the martial artist to “embrace the suck.”

7. They don’t obsess over what people think of them.
8. They don’t judge people, because they expect the same reciprocation.

Respect is earned and offered, then returned. Those who are respectful get treated respectfully. Those who don’t are left behind.

9. They don’t let lack of resources stop them. They find them.

Creativity and imagination lead to more effective training and the development of stronger problem solving skills in daily life.

10. They don’t make comparisons or judge a book by its cover.

It is important to remember “You don’t know what they know.” The other one to remember is that “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

11. They are never yes-people. That’s why they persevere.

Martial artists work to do what is “right” and not just follow along.

13. They don’t avoid life’s inconvenient truths.

It is what it is, so keep training! The only thing that you can truly affect in any situation is YOU! Stuff happens, so deal with it and keep going.

14. They don’t quit because of minor setbacks. They fall down, they get up. Every time.

Things may not come easy but continuous hard work will lead to success.

12. They don’t need constant reassurance. Their self-confidence is enough.

A martial artist recognizes how to develop the personal strength and power to create self confidence. They know their material. They perform their material. They understand their material and how to apply it in physical and non-physical situations.
Their confidence comes from knowing themselves. It is NOT something gained by certificates, ranks, colored uniforms or tournament trophies! Status seekers need not apply.

15. They don’t require anyone’s permission to act. Convenience is not a journey.

Martial artists are not sheeple! Martial artists lead! Convenience is appreciated when it happens but it is not a hindrance nor an expectation.

16. They don’t limit themselves to a small toolbox. They find each piece until it becomes a masterpiece.

Martial artists NEVER stop learning. They continue to analyse their knowledge to be able to apply it in a wide variety of situations.

17. They don’t shy away from failure. They break things to make things.

Failure is not a bad thing! Winner is not always a good thing! They push their skills and knowledge to make them more beneficial to their lives.

18. They don’t spread negative energy. It derails the positivity in their lives.

Negative actions wastes energy! Gossip and blaming takes away from what you are trying to build and create!

19. They don’t over-complicate things. They can make something complex sound simple yet magical.

Advanced techniques and basic techniques made simpler! Martial artists use their skills as problem solving tools to create and lead.

20. They don’t break their word. Loyalty is simply unbreakable.

At times in your family relations, you may not “like” someone but you always “love” them. This holds true for true martial artists and the schools they attend. Even though the relationships aren’t based on blood, it still is a family. Your family should always be able to count on you!

21. They don’t blindly accept what they read on the Internet as “truth” without thinking about it.

Martial artists LEARN and grow!

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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