This is why we train!

White Tiger Martial Arts teaches Korean martial arts.
Our programs include Pine Tree Taekwondo and WTMA Haidong Gumdo.

Training with us includes –
Below are comments made by students and parents. Statements within ( ) are from WTMA.

  • Tradition/Lineage!     “At WTMA, I am not only being taught traditional arts with traceable roots, but I am learning mental skills for everyday life.”
        (You will find the promotion dates and instructors listed for all instructors. These are important for understanding who you will be training with.)
  • Family!     “We train with WTMA as you have taken [our son] under your wing over the years.” “Our family values time together. Memories and experiences shared here make us appreciate each other’s strengths and struggles.”
        (The origin of many martial arts comes from the passing of knowledge from father to son. We’ve kept that concept but haven’t limited it to bloodlines. You can join a great family that will support your training & goals.)
  • Skills beyond the class!     “We value the life skills that you have helped instill in our son.” “There is a practical approach at this school, unlike so many of the sport-oriented schools these days.”
        (The courage needed to continue learning and training is far more difficult and important than winning a trophy.)
  • Value!     “The school is not about cleaning out a students wallet and selling them a belt.”
        (It is a business and the value is based on how well we have helped in your life. We work to help you develop your courage so you can succeed in all of the goals that you have. How much is that worth?)
  • Focus on life lessons!     “WTMA is built around developing excellence that carries over into all parts of life. This is growth that builds true success and not the shallow triumphs from trophies.”

Why choose us?

  • Affordable, family friendly tuition rates!
  • Up front tuition with family rates (Check the dojang location page for pricing)
  • No contracts – only a 30 day cancellation notice
  • Locations in the community
  • High student retention
  • Good mix of students – 90% Adult/10% child and 55% male/45% female

**You should check out several schools and ask a lot of questions beyond the cost!

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