There are several reasons that keep me and excite me about training with WTMA. In no particular order:
1. Family-oriented, mixed age class. I love learning. To be able to learn from someone younger than me and for that young person to be able to teach adults is a fantastic experience. It builds confidence and self esteem in the young one, and humility and a respect for all in the older student. I train alongside my son and taekwondo has become an opportunity for us to grow together.
2. Opportunity for advancement at one’s own pace. There is no shame in taking an extra long time to learn. The essentials are reviewed at nearly every class. White belts to black belts are all expected to regularly train and practice the basics, so even if a person is not advanced, he or she doesn’t have to feel embarrassed because everyone practices the basics.
3. Individual attention. Master Frankovich is always available to answer a question or to guide one in the development of a form. He participates in the class, observes, and constructively critiques his students. The environment is positive. I want to learn in the class. Students and instructor are happy and excited to be together, training and growing.
4. Cost effective. I am getting more than a deal from WTMA. Master F. is patient with payment and incredibly reasonable. Compared to any other martial arts school, WTMA is the best value for one’s money.
For so many reasons and more, I love training with WTMA. I look forward to class every week and am excited by what I am learning. Learning taekwondo is not simply for the dojo, but for all of my life.
Sarah Olson, student for 1.5 years, mother of Gabriel Olson-Musel

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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