Well, I’ve thought about it, and I keep coming back to the people. I haven’t been to other gumdo schools, because I happen to like the first one I tried. I guess I would have just hopped around until I found one I liked, otherwise. Obviously, it starts off with you as the leader. You set the tone for the whole school. You’re passionate about martial arts, obviously an expert in the material, but you’re not an egomaniac. You’re great at herding cats; extremely tolerant of our shenanigans. And the other students are a bunch of nerds, or at least nerd-tolerant, so every class is like a mini MarsCon to me. I mean, these are people who hung a disco ball in a dojang. And you let it stay there, LOL! I love all the different age ranges. And that fact that we’re the black sheep dojang. I’m among my people and I like it. But, for all the fun we have ,and we have a lot (up to and including our gumdo nail chat group, of all things), we all work very hard, too. We have loads of fun, but we’re not a crew of slackers. I love that we can be a bunch of goofballs without being goof-offs, ya know? Work hard, play hard; that’s us! I could have ended up at any of the other schools and enjoyed it. But, I don’t know if it would have become the all-consuming passion that it is for me now. I just feel like there’s a little touch of magic at WTMA. I came for the sword and stayed for the people!

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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