Master Robert Frankovich is a man I randomly connected to on Facebook because he happened to grow up in the same small town that I did. A conversation with this random contact led to meeting in person and eventually to the formation of the haidong gumdo program at our school. Along the way, Master Frankovich has provided excellent instruction and leadership, but more importantly, he is a true teacher. He fills in the gaps that physical training doesn’t cover. He not only brings philosophy and application to techniques, but he also reminds us that we aren’t just here to learn how to sword fight. He helps his students see the deeper meanings of martial arts in his lessons and lectures. His ambition to learn is only matched by his desire to pass on the knowledge he has gained during his martial arts training. Stumbling upon him through Facebook has changed me not only in haidong gumdo, but his lectures help me fill in gaps in my tangsoodo training as well! I am grateful for being able to train under Master Frankovich, and hope that anyone with the opportunity can train with him as well.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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