It’s difficult to explain in words what sets this school apart from so many out there. If I had to pinpoint it, it might be because the goal has never been to “stand out,” in the traditional way. The focus of this school has always been on the training, not looking flashy. You will not find us practicing in a new building with shiny wood floors and mirrors, nor will you find anyone trying to advance as quickly as possible to the next rank, nor will you see us competing for trophies solely using stylistic tricks in forms. By joining our Gumdo school, you will join a group of people who have a desire and need to train, and be instructed by a Master who is so passionate for this philosophy, that he will do whatever it takes to make sure you have this opportunity. You will learn this art by practicing the same basic moves over and over again, each day seeing the same cut or stance in a new light. You will be asked to instruct newer students, and in teaching, learn how little you actually know. Additionally, you will find that practicing the sword opens you up to opportunities of personal reflection, in which you will realize that the skills you develop in Gumdo translate to all areas of life. I strongly recommend this school and instructor over any other!

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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