As Song Moo Kwan moves forward under the director of SGM Joon Pyo Choi, he has stated that the accomplishments of SGM Bung Jick Ro’s direct students should be recognized for the impact that they’ve had on Taekwondo. Among these students are Senior Grand Master Il Joo Kim and Senior Grand Master Jun Seon Hyon.

SrGM Kim presented Song Moo Kwan principles through the Song Moo Kwan Kukki Ryu. He created very strong students with his curriculum. Many still teach that curriculum today in and around Ohio.

SrGM Hyon is credited with developing a set of forms (hyungs) and helping grow Song Moo Kwan in Minnesota. His Chung Bong hyung have become an example of what Song Moo Kwan is about. Founded in basics with strong techniques and flowing movements, they are challenging from the start by including Front kicks, Round kicks, and Side kicks in the first form. This is unlike the majority of form sets, which bring kicks in slowly.

You can see more about them in these books

Chung Bong Hyung, Volume 1
Chung Bong Hyung, Volume 2

Song Moo Kwan roots are well established in these branches – MooGong Ryu (SGM Joon Pyo Choi), Kukki Ryu (SrGM Il Joo Kim), Chung Bong (SrGM Jun Seon Hyon) – and others. Reconnecting with Song Moo Kwan Grand Masters and their developments is a priority for Song Moo Kwan United and its leadership.

Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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