A question about Taekwondo stances.

The Taekwondo that I have learned doesn’t use this version of the “Fighting” stance. I am interested in hearing the principles and concepts behind why this version is used. I’ve heard that it provides a “smaller target” but is there more? Thanks in advance for helping me learn about it.


Author: Master Robert Frankovich

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5 replies on “A question about Taekwondo stances.”

  1. H Austin Hummel says:

    The back stance demonstrated is the stance that I trained with for over 30 years. this stance has zero width. I have seen other styles with wider back stances and I observed that more weight shift had to be done for kicking action. Tae Kwon Do (the way of the hand and foot) is about faster kicking as well as good hand techniques, White Karate (Empty hand) is more hand work then foot. I have always been comfortable with the zero width back stance

  2. That is a back stance, not fighting stance.

  3. keith says:

    Not Only is it not a practical fighting stance it’s not even a proper back stance in true Taekwondo terms

  4. Bruce Burns says:

    I’ve been thinking about this stance in odd moments for weeks now. I know I said before that the Tae Kwon Do that I was taught never used this, but there is one (and as far as I know only one) moment when we do. It isn’t one of our fighting or back stances (both are wider), but in the fourth Chang-Huhn form Wan Hyo, as I was taught it, the third movement is an extension from a side grab/hand strike that extends out into a lunge punch, but I was taught that the back stance extends to very nearly the stance shown so that all of the body’s momentum combines with a short-distance punch for maximum power.

    That being said, otherwise I’m with everyone else. That’s not a TKD stance I’ve ever seen used, certainly not for back stance or fighting.

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