Online Tuition Payments

The credit union that we work with does not have an electronic funds transfer (EFT) feature, so I am requesting that you utilize the PayPal version (subscription) to make tuition payments easier to send and receive.

Please select the “subscribe” button that fits your tuition schedule. Note that payments will be sent automatically from your account to pay the tuition each month! You can change or adjust this activity as necessary.

Please note that a 30 day notice is required for cancelling your membership. The form linked here – Cancellation Form– must be submitted to cancel the membership. If you choose to return, you will not be guaranteed the same tuition rate!

You may suspend your membership by submitting this form – Suspension form.

Tuition rates = $80/one person plus $30/each additional person or art (Family maximum = $200)

Tuition – one person/one art ($80/month)

Tuition – one person/two arts or two people ($110)

Tuition – two person/one arts plus one person/two arts ($140)

Tuition – two person/two arts or four member family ($170)

Tuition – Family membership ($200)

Cancel Membership