Taekwondo Colored Belt Curriculum

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All materials found here are for students ONLY!
Please do NOT provide the information to people outside of class.
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Included here are links to all of the colored belt material. Note: while you may “look ahead”, it is NOT appropriate to work on material beyond your current rank. Learning technique is easy but developing an understanding of the material takes time…usually longer than you think. It is important to remember that an Orange belt is really only a good Yellow belt.

Students should complete and submit the Student Waiver form annually. You can find the form here. It should automatically email, when you click “submit.” If you have issues, message Master F.

Complete and submit this form to your instructor two weeks prior to testing Gup Rank Promotion application – Gup Rank Promotion application

Complete and submit this form to your instructor for 1st Gup Red-striped testing and higher – Dan Rank Promotion application
TKD_Gup_ReequirementsPlease note that effective March 1, 2014 that the test fee charge has changed!
GUP test fees = $50/test
DAN test fees = $200/test
**This is the first increase in test fees since 1990.

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