Why We Train!


Overcoming the challenges presented by training permits the student to grow through acquiring additional knowledge and deeper understanding. This growth happens because of the respect gained through the struggle and the confidence gained from the struggle. This becomes a continuous cycle of growth. Confidence leads to accepting greater challenges (of every variety), which leads to developing new skills or refining current ones, which leads to more success, which leads to greater confidence.

DSC_0785Train hard, keep learning and be COURAGEOUS!

Martial arts IS life. The way you learn, which includes training, will be seen in everything you do. This brings me to wondering if you are still working to illustrate how things should be. Are you still learning? Do you still ask questions? Do you truly understand the knowledge that you’ve earned? Do you help others develop their knowledge? Can anyone ask for help?

DSC_0845One of the beauties within the martial arts is that if you do a technique wrong, there’s no one else to blame. Yes, there may be some misunderstanding in what you are being asked to do and, even, in how to do the technique but only YOU did the technique. Part of this comes from making sure that you are asking questions and continuing to learn. the important part here, though, is recognizing the mistake and working to correct it. Take the blame no matter how minor, respond positively, then go back to work. This will be a huge help when you are in you career path.

Once you achieve your goals, usually attaining rank, should make you remember all of those who helped you achieve them. If you do a technique incorrectly, that’s your mistake. When you perform a technique correctly, its because you learned from your teachers (because it wasn’t magically loaded into your brain).

DSC_0438-1A martial artist recognizes how to develop the personal strength and power to create self confidence. They know their material. They perform their material. They understand their material and how to apply it in physical and non-physical situations.

Their confidence comes from knowing themselves. It is NOT something gained by certificates, ranks, colored uniforms or tournament trophies! Status seekers need not apply.

Since our focus is on providing knowledge beyond the physical techniques, we don’t have kids programs. We have young students (at least 8 years old for Taekwondo and 12 years old for Haidong Gumdo) but they do all the same work as the adults are expected to do. Their ranks are equal to the adults. The depth of their understanding will take longer to to develop, which means that they must grow into the knowledge before being allowed to test for upper black belt ranks.

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