Sabum Sylvia Marccarelli, 1st Dan
Kyosa Peter Gittins, 1st Dan

The Northfield Dojang in collaboration with Northfield Community Education offers a range of classes for students 6+ through Adult.
Classes focus on fitness and flexibility, working on technique, forms, and drills as well as application in controlled contact sparring and board breaking.
Our goal is to work in a student centered environment to develop skills and mastery in Taekwondo.
Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the times listed below.

For Winter/Spring 2023 family members receive a 15% discount after the first enrollment at the Northfield Dojang


Intro to Martial Arts (Ages 6+) This class is designed provide an introduction to students who are new to martial arts. It offers a fun and supportive environment where instructors work with students to improve balance, coordination, and focus, while learning Taekwondo skills and developing physical fitness. Students learn basic kicks, blocks, and strikes through a combination of traditional forms and drills, as well as a variety of fun games. Once students progress to a sufficient level (typically orange belt) they are invited to move to the Youth Taekwondo Class. 

Youth Taekwondo (Ages 11+ or Instructor Permission) This class is for students looking to take Taekwondo to the next level. Students learn more advanced techniques through traditional forms and controlled-contact sparring focused on body-control and defensive tactics. Improve physical fitness, coordination, and focus as you work toward your world recognized blackbelt. Beginning and Intermediate students may also attend the Intro to Taekwondo class which serves as a great warm-up for the Youth Class and reinforces basic techniques. Advanced students who have achieved a sufficiently high rank will be invited to train with the Adult Taekwondo class. Younger students with previous martial arts experience should contact an instructor at the Northfield Dojang to see which class is best for them. 

Adult Taekwondo (16+) This class is designed for adults of all levels of experience. Students work to build confidence, develop core-strength, and improve physical fitness with Taekwondo. From beginner through advanced with a curriculum that works toward a world recognized blackbelt, students learn traditional forms and drills as well as defensive tactics, progressing to application of techniques through controlled-contact sparring. Students enrolled in the adult class may also attend the Youth Class  or Intro class if desired. Higher rank youth students may also be invited to train at the same time as this class as they approach testing for their blackbelt. 

Call or email the Northfield Dojang for more information:
Call the Northfield Dojang on 507-201-9661 or email

For pricing information or to register for classes visit Northfield Community Education or call 507-664-3650
For testing requirements see Colored Belt Curriculum

Winter/Spring 2023

Class Times:
Intro to Martial Arts | Thursday 6:15 – 6:45 pm
Youth Taekwondo | Tuesday and Thursday 6:45 – 7:30 pm
Adult Taekwondo | Tuesday 6:15 – 6:45 pm

January 10th  – February 16th
February 21st – April 6th (No Class 3/28 & 3/30)
April 11th – May 18th


Spring Creek Elementary School’s Cafeteria
1400 Maple St
Northfield, MN 55057

Northfield High School’s Gym and Football Field
1400 Division St S

Northfield, MN 55057

Additional Information

Testing Form:
Will be added before a test

Always email us afterwards to let us know

Sparring Gear Order Form
Always email us afterwards. And we don’t supply mouth guards, but they can be gotten at most stores with sporting area

Uniform Order Form
If you need new uniform, come talk to Sylvia in class

Korean Terms and Translations
Students should be familiar with commands, numbers (1-10), and form names